Fluoride-Free Fairbanks
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Public Rollout
Fluoride-Free Fairbanks

March 9, 2010

Fluoride Free Fairbanks
Box 221
Ester, Alaska 99726

City of Fairbanks, Alaska
Fluoride Task Force
Chair, Paul Reichardt (pls forward to FTF)

Fluoride Free Fairbanks (F3) is a grassroots response to emerging science about the cumulative effects of exposure to fluoride compounds commonly added to water systems. These compounds are highly reactive and harmful in the human and animal environment. Fluoride is more toxic than lead and slightly less toxic than arsenic.

F3 organized to raise the issue because fluoridation's safety claims are unsubstantiated, and mass medication violates the foundations of informed consent. Using municipal water systems to deliver a drug to everyone, irrespective of age or health status, invites medical complications and chronic disease. Mass medication is antithetical to individuals who value freedom of choice and the privacy of their bodies. It undermines the values we cherish as Fairbanksans, Alaskans, and Americans.

F3's membership is represented by Douglas Yates, communications director; Coert Olmsted, scientific data analyst; and Ed Davis, research and web site manager.

We are assisted in these efforts by Dr. Bill Osmunson, a dentist, public health policy expert and an advocate for ending fluoridation. He lives in Bellevue, WA. and has testified previously to the Fairbanks City Council. At our request, Dr. Osmunson is sending the task force data from his research that supports our contention that fluoridation's risks outweigh its ostensible benefits.

F3 also welcomes the support of Dr. Craig O'Donoughue, a Fairbanks dentist with an active practice. In 2008, Dr. O'Donoughue testified to the Fairbanks City Council in favor of removing fluoride from public water.

For 50 years, the community has labored under an ordinance mandating mass medication. Until now, Fairbanks has NEVER engaged the question you are tasked to answer: Is fluoridation efficacious or harmful?

We believe the answer is the latter. We've seen numerous studies showing connections between fluoride and decreased IQ, thyroid dysfunction, calcified arteries, Alzheimers, cancer, carpal tunnel syndrome, brittle bones, kidney disease and more.

As you know, this is a trans-boundary issue. The city mandates fluoridation of Golden Heart Utilities' (GHU) product. GHU is a private company serving water customers inside and outside the City of Fairbanks. And yet those members of our community who reside in the borough and consume city water cannot vote for city council members. Nor can they engage in the city's citizen initiative process.

The fluoridation status at other major entities in the valley: Ft. Wainwright and Eielson AFB are fluoridated. North Pole and the UAF campus are not fluoridated. Water Wagon and The Fill re-sell GHU water.

It is worth noting at this point that GHU adds approximately 12,000 pounds of silicofluoride compound to Fairbanks water annually to reach a concentration of 1 ppm. According to universal consumption data, 98.5 percent of the water in GHU's system is not consumed by people. This means that the vast majority of the added fluoride is washed into the Tanana River. Where, according to fisheries biologists studying Columbia River salmon, it 'intoxicates' the fish, making them lethargic and confused.

In addition to disturbing the ecology of the river, this method of drug delivery must certainly be the most wasteful ever devised.

As you sift through the evidence on each side of this question, please note the degree of rigor found in the data supporting the status quo. Our analysis shows that proponents' research lacks necessary controls and structure required to achieve unbiased outcomes. It is no longer possible to accept the notion that fluoride's effects are limited to the teeth and gums. Based on today's science such claims must be labeled 'magical thinking'.

Along with science data, we will submit to the task force popular accounts of fluoride's political history. Suppressed information is key to fully understanding the nature of the manipulations that have brought us to this point. Bear in mind that fluoride compounds widely used to treat water do not have FDA approval and are considered "unapproved drugs" by the agency. Documentation of these claims is found in a book published in 2004, titled The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson.

Bryson's research shows that community fluoridation is an outcome of industry's efforts to shift the costs of toxic waste disposal from its operations to the general public. The industries that have benefited from this practice are aluminum smelting and manufacturing, phosphate fertilizer production and nuclear power and weapons development. In each industry, large amounts of fluoride are produced as a toxic by-products of chemical processes.

F3 is confidant that a panel of scientists, medical and dental practitioners, who have professed open minds and a willingness to address new and provocative data, will find the evidence compelling. Taken in toto, we believe the task force will conclude the evidence is enough to recommend immediate cessation of fluoridation in Fairbanks. We would favor such a recommendation to the city council.

Should the panel split in its findings, we urge that the task force write majority and minority reports. In this regard, the council and members of the public will have the opportunity to learn how and why panel members reached their decisions.

We are indebted by your willingness to analyze the question. The task force represents the deed and spirit of open inquiry. We thank you for the time and considered analysis you apply to this question. We look forward to more communication with the task force in the future.

Douglas Yates
Communications Director
Fluoride Free Fairbanks

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