41% of American adolescents have
dental fluorosis, elevating their risk
of bone fracture - as senior citizens

"Fluoride science is asbestos science. It's tobacco science.It's a racket."
Chris Bryson, author of "The Fluoride Deception"
2000 Nobel Laureate's
book endorsement


Same product, different labels
Circa 1940/50's before/after the
promotion of fluoridated water

Alaska fluoridation news:

Artificial fluoride: No longer in Fairbanks water (see second article)!

Fairbanks' Fluoride Task Force final report - it recommends halting fluoridation!

Palmer, Alaska fluoridates no more! 10/25/11

Decades of rural Alaska fluoridation programs (1960's thru 1990's) failed to improve the dental health of Alaska Natives

115 Alaska towns halted fluoridation after Hooper Bay's fatal fluoridation accident

The fluoridation chemical once added to Fairbanks' tapwater was 34 times more toxic than our groundwater's natural calcium fluoride content (compare rat lethal dosages - i.e. LD50)

"Trolling" for fluoride victims: Might Fairbanks taxpayers be liable for fluoridation illnesses?

Fairbanks reduced its fluoride concentration to 0.7 ppm, before halting its fluoridation program. See the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology's review of this "dosage"

Fairbanks' fluoridated tap water was supplied to at least 21,000 Borough residents not directly connected to city water. (Compare numbers in these links)

Read the chemical industry trade journal article that inspired Fluoride Free Fairbanks' website

Alaska's water fluoridation industrial accidents

Fairbanks City Council's Fluoride Task Force

Fluoride Free Fairbanks' mission was to repeal the City of Fairbanks code that once mandated fluoridation, then halt the practice

Evidence the City of Juneau used to justify ending fluoridation.

Compare/contrast - Fluoride reporting by the Fairbanks Daily News Miner and other Alaska communities evaluating fluoridation

College Utilities (including Water Wagon) began using fluoridated Fairbanks water in 2002

Dermot Cole's blog about the City of Fairbanks Fluoride Task Force, proposed by then-council-member (now Mayor) Cleworth

Dr. Osmunson, MPH, DDS, (right) national expert on toxicity of fluoride, meeting with Abel Bult-Ito, Ph.D. UAF Biology. Osmunson visited Fairbanks in 2008, testifying about a proposed ban on fluoridating Fairbanks water.

Who we are: Our 3/9/10 rollout

This website provides factual and historically accurate information about fluoridation. Contact webmaster@fluoridefreefairbanks.org if you see disproven science or disproven info on FFF.

Recommended reading:

Fluoride Journal: Cutting-edge peer reviewed scientific journal that consistently "scoops" the major findings. See the study that was rejected after pre-publication.

Fluoride Deception: Chemical & Engineering News book review: Fluoride toxicity evaluations suppressed. See book endorsement by 2000 Nobel Laureate

The Case Against Fluoride: A new look at the Scientific Evidence, by Paul Connett, PhD, Director, Fluoride Action Network

Fluoride: Drinking Ourselves to Death: Amazon.com review: Human safety studies yet to be conducted

On-line review, National Academy of Sciences report: Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPA's Standards

Fluoridation Resources:

Fluoride Action Network: Broadening public awareness about fluoride

Second Look: A rational approach to controversial public policy issues

National Health Federation: An advocate for health freedom rights

Vikane: A rigorous analysis of fluoridation

UK Councils Against Fluoridation: Promoting local control and collaboration

Experts change their mind about fluoridation:

Dr. Bill Osmunson, 30-year career in dentistry, promoter of fluoridation for 25 years (Video)

Dr. J. William Hirzy, Senate testimony, fluoridation advocates suppressed science, EPA scientists call for moratorium on fluoridation (video)

Dr. Hardy Limeback, once a high profile advocate for fluoridation, is now Canada's most qualified critic

John Colquhoun, Principal Dental Officer, Aukland, N.Z., from: Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, 1997

Dentists are generally not trained about the medical consequences of ingesting fluoride

Federal scientist sues and recovers job after being fired for exposing fluoride as a carcinogen

Review 2,700 professionals who call for halting fluoridation of drinking water

Fourteen Nobel prize winners reject fluoridation

Nobel Prize winner speaking out

General information:

Review the "scientific basis" for the fluoridation policies of US public health agencies

Fluoridation accident database, another listing, and local newspaper coverage of Alaska's fluoridation accidents

National database identifying fluoridated and non-fluoridated communities

USDA analysis of the fluoride content for food and beverages consumed in the US

Countries that ban fluoridation: Listing and quotes by key officials

Contaminants in your tapwater (search municipal water systems by zip code)

Material Safety Data Sheets for fluorides typically added to tapwater: a) sodium fluorosilicate, b) hexafluorosilicic acid, and c) sodium fluoride

Mulberry FL provides the majority of the fluoride additives placed in Fairbanks water

Conflict of interest, Corps of Engineers and Florida phosphate mining industry

Fluoride-Free Fairbanks readers are invited to compare the credible sources and peer-reviewed science of this website with the:

History of fluoride, used as a laundry detergent ingredient

Another history of fluoride



Dr. David Kennedy 2013 video: A scientific indictment of the politics and intimidation (i.e., lack of science) behind EPA's standard on fluoride in drinking water

Over the past 4 years, fluoridation advocates went from accepting, to rejecting, then re-embracing fluoridated infant formula

Neurotoxicology: Fluoridated water elevates lead concentrations in children's blood by 50%

Pediatrics: Young children retain most ingested fluoride

Journal of the American Dental Association: Infants, forumula, fluoridated tap-water, and dental fluorosis

Danger of fluoridated tapwater to infants suppressed - International Society for Fluoride Research

Dr. David Kennedy: CA dentist says fluoridation advocate confirms that community water fluoridation is overdosing babies (2nd video)

Fluoride increases the risk of premature births: American Public Health Association

Advances in Dental Research: Infants retain 87% of ingested fluoride, which is 50% more than adults retain (see end of Pg. 7)

Fluoridated toothpaste puts children at risk, thousands are poisoned, with a fatality in 2004

One tube of fluoridated childrens' toothpaste contains a lethal dose for kids under 10 years old

Is this risk present in your household? See image at bottom of this web page.

Parents of Fluoride Poisoned Children: Vancouver BC, Canada

Fluoride news:

Andrew Young: Halting fluoridation is an issue of fairness, civil rights, and compassion

Fluoride's toxicity - First used as an insecticide and rat poison, sulfuryl fluoride now enters our food, our homes, and our bodies

The fluoride concentration in dog foods containing bone meal is far greater than fluoridated tapwater

Sulfuryl Fluoride Update: 1/11/11 - EPA proposes sulfuryl fluoride ban to combat fluoride overexposure

Fluoridation analysis published in Scientific American (File Size: 1 MB+)

Fluoridation accidents occur in towns of all sizes

Fluoridation chemical accidents upstream of municipal water supplies

Even after decades of water fluoridation, the dental health of Alaska Natives has declined precipitously

The World Health Organization reports that cavity rates have nearly-identical reduction trends in both fluoridated and non-fluoridated countries (see Page 23)

A peer-reviewed chemist's research to support a possible class-action lawsuit: "Chemical Analysis of Poisoning from Fluoridated Public Water"

Watsonville, CA: Martinelli beverage company fears fluoride taint

Mandates and subsidies resulted in widespread municipal water fluoridation programs across the U.S.

Mass medication is an attack on the liberty and freedom of all Fairbanksans

News coverage, fluoride contamination liability cases, 1950's and 1960's (1 MB file)

Why are Americans mass-medicated with fluoride?

Government subsidies funded the earliest efforts to fluoridate municipal water supplies

History of promoting fluoridatation (Video): Among the most censored stories of 1998 (Unpublished article), listen to the radio interview

Health effects identified in the 2006 National Research Council report: Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPA's Standards

Low-bid Chinese fluoride, with mystery chemical additives, is entering US municipal water supplies - the mystery chemicals are excluded from the spec sheets

Fluoride places dialysis patients at risk, people with kidney disease should be advised of the risks from fluoride exposure - National Kidney Foundation

Europeans track fluoride's political history

Analysis by Centers for Disease Control documents the ineffectiveness of fluoridated water - in conflict with the report's opening paragraph

Atlanta, Georgia TV station investigates the prevalence of dental fluorosis, video or story

American Medical Association: Supports fluoridation, but won't rule out side-effects

Elmendorf Air Force Base fluoridation overdose

Politics behind the EPA's decision to double of the acceptable level of fluoride in drinking water, WCAV-TV, Washington DC, 1986

Dr. George I. Waldbott, internationally renowned allergist and physician who was warning America in the 1940's through 1960's of the dangers from smoking, and the potential dangers of even small amounts of fluoride. Photo by Elizabeth Ramsey. See Dr. Waldbott's 1965 book.

"Some kind of a permanent news medium devoted to carefully documented, scientific information on fluoride would constitute a potent weapon for those opposing fluoridation in this never ending struggle. It would show the people in Seattle what was going on in New York City on the fluoridation front."

- George Waldbott, "A Struggle with Titans", 1965


Peer-reviewed science column
Fluoridation: It's neither safe nor effective

Scroll down and click to see how fluoridated tap water affects your body, your health and your life. (Also review the government/industry's "dismissal" of overwhelming peer-reviewed science.)

Alaska's history of fluoridation accidents:

Fluoridation is not effective:

Fluoridation risks for dialysis patients

Kidney patients and fluoride retention

Fluoride linked to cancer:

Fluoride and heart disease:

Fluoride effects on the thyroid:

Fluoride-atrophied rat thyroid tissue

Fluoride-related health problems disproportionately affect Africans

Fluoride, insulin, and diabetes:

Fluoride effects on reproductive health:

Bone fractures increase in fluoridated areas:

Fluoride sources (besides water) also increase bone fracture rates:

Other affects on bones, joints, and connctive tissues:

Immune system impacts:

Neurotoxic effects of fluoride:

Fluoridation elevates lead levels in blood and bone:

  • Neurotoxicology: Fluoridation elevates the lead concentration in children's blood by 50%
  • Toxicology: Fluoride increases lead levels in blood and calcified tissues of rats
  • Neurotoxicology: Lead leaches from plumbing fixtures when exposed to fluoridation chemicals
  • Neurotoxicology: Consistent and significant correlation between fluoridated water consumption and lead level in blood
  • International Journal of Environmental Studies: Fluoridation correlates with the lead level in children's blood, and children with lead blood levels exceeding 10 ug/dL.
  • Science of the Total Environment: Correlation between lead and fluoride concentrations in bone
  • Fluoride: Naturally occuring fluoride in water (CaF2) doesn't increase lead concentrations in blood
  • News Report: Fluoride Chemicals Leach Lead Into Water Supplies

Other peer-reviewed studies: