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Fluoridation became widespread after decades of
federal subsidies and state mandates


Widespread fluoridation of U.S. municipal water supplies resulted from an agressive federal promotional effort; decades of community block grants, earmarks, and related subsidies; and funded/unfunded mandates for fluoridation at the state and local levels.


This intervention has severely distorted the proper roles for state/local government, nonprofits, regulatory agencies, businesses, medical colleges, and health care providers. The subsidies have blinded many to the unfolding peer-reviewed scientific research as it identifies significant fluoride-related health problems. Those who were blinded have become agents of our distorted federal bureaucracy.


Federal Government: Fluoridation subsidies, Community fluoridation, Research Subsidies, Research Subsidies , National Fluoridation Training Institute, Earmark


Alabama: Subsidies

Alaska: Subsidies

Arizona: Subsidies, Subsidies

Arkansas: Subsidies, Subsidies  

California: Unfunded Mandate, Mandated, Mandated,  Subsidies, Subsidies, Subsidies, Earmark,

Colorado: Subsidies, Subsidies

Connecticut: Mandated   Subsidies

Delaware: Mandated

Florida: Subsidies, Subsidies

Georgia: Mandated  Subsidies, Subsidies, Earmark

Hawaii: Subsidies, Nearly Mandated

Idaho: Subsidies

Illinois: Mandated, Mandated, Mandated

Indiana: Subsidies, Earmark

Iowa: Subsidies, Subsidies


Kentucky: Mandated, Mandated and Subsidies

Louisiana: Mandated, Subsidies, Subsidies

Maine: Mandated, Subsidies, Subsidies

Maryland: Subsidies

Massachusetts: Unfunded Mandate, Mandated and Subsidies, Subsidies, Subsidies

Michigan: Mandated, Subsidies

Minnesota: Mandated 

Mississippi: Subsidies, Subsidies, Subsidies

Missouri: Subsidies


Nebraska: Mandated, Mandated   

Nevada: Unfunded Mandate, Mandated

New Hampshire: Mandated,

New Jersey: Subsidies, Potential Mandate, Proposed Unfunded Mandate

New Mexico:

New York: Earmark, Earmark

North Carolina:

North Dakota:

Ohio: Mandated, Subsidies

Oklahoma: Subsidies, Earmark

Oregon: Proposed unfunded-mandate

Pennsylvania: Subsidies

Rhode Island:

South Carolina: Subsidies

South Dakota: Mandated 



Utah: Mandated Subsidies

Vermont: Subsidies

Virginia: Subsidies, Subsidies


Washington, DC: Mandated, Subsidies

West Virginia:

Wisconsin: Subsidies