Science addressing fluoridation's safety

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The "science" that launched fluoridation

Review the "scientific basis" for the fluoridation policies of US public health agencies

Dismissal of solid fluoridation science

Compare the peer reviewed science showing the health effects of fluoride (see Fluoride Free Fairbanks' homepage) with government and/or corporate:

  • Assurances that fluoridation is among the ten greatest "public health achievements of the 20th century"
  • Dismissal of hundreds of studies, by thousands of authors, published in numerous peer-reviewed journals - in a nutshell, no science is credible, unless it supports fluoridation
  • Claims that fluoride is "safe" - extenive evidence to the contrary isn't worth mentioning

Hundreds of peer-reviewed studies by thousands of scientists, published in dozens of the world's most respected scientific journals aren't mentioned.

Flip-flopping on fluoridated formula for infants

ADA and CDC strongly advised against using fluoridated water when mixing infant formula between 2007 and early 2011

In 2011, ADA and CDC determined that fluoridated infant formula is just fine, without providing a solid scientific basis - like obtaining FDA approval of fluoridation chemicals as drugs (see next column)

ADA: Biased legacy promoting the efficacy and suppressing the risks from fluoridation

Science that assures fluoride's safety:

This column is available to fluoridation advocates who wish to "make their case" by identifying scientific studies suitable for FDA approval of fluoridation chemicals as drugs.

  • Note: Studies have never been conducted that are suitable for FDA approval of fluoridation chemicals

FDA approval of fluoridation chemicals would require:

  • Double-blind randomized clinical trials to demonstrate fluoride's efficacy for caries prevention
  • Tracking side-effects potentially caused by fluoridation chemicals

Fluoridation advocates are invited to submit studies that meet these criteria to: